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Got a hot tip for the positive news page?  How about an idea for a story you want to write?   Don’t hesitate to send it our way!

No matter how hard they work, our news team can’t find every great story that’s out there.  So, send us links to the stories that you think highlight positive efforts to make the world more peaceful and sustainable.  If we publish a story from a link you’ve sent us, we’ll include your name and give you a nod within the story.*

In addition to links, we also accept story proposals from writers, bloggers, and just about anyone else who thinks they have a story to tell.  If you’ve witnessed, heard about, or participated in something that you think makes the world a better place, your story might be the right fit for yobo’s positive news page.

Use the form below to submit links and story proposals to our news staff.  The more relevant info you can provide us—who, what, where, when, why—the better.

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