“Life Is Easy”

August 6th, 2012


By: Kate Malongowski

I always say to everybody in my life now, that life is easy. It’s so easy and fun. Before that I never thought like that. When I was in Bangkok I thought life was very hard, very complicated.

I was born in a poor village in the northeastern Thailand. When  TV came many people said you are poor, you need to succeed for your life. You need to go to Bangkok to pursue success in your life. I felt bad and poor. When I went to Bangkok it’s not very fun.

[There] you need to study a lot and work very hard and only then you get to succeed.

I started to question a lot. When you work hard, why is life so hard? There had to be something wrong, because I produced a lot of things, but I couldn’t  get enough. I tried to study in a university. It was very hard to learn in a university because it’s very boring. (laughter)

Jon Jandai
Most of the faculty were destructive, not productive. I started to [wonder] why I had to be here in Bangkok.

I thought about when I was a kid. Everyone worked two months per year. Tending the rice one month, and harvesting the rice another month.

The rest was free time – ten months of free time! And because people had a lot of time, they had time to be with themselves. They had time to understand themselves.

I decided to quit university and went back home. I started to live the way I remembered when I was a kid. I started to work two months a year. I grew 4 tons of rice. My family eats less than half a ton per year so we could sell some rice. And then I dug a fishpond and we had fish to eat the whole year. I started a small garden, less than half an acre. I worked 15 minutes per day taking care of the garden.

I had more than 30 varieties of vegetables. Six people couldn’t eat all of it. We had surplus to sell in the market. We could make some income. So I felt like it was easy. Why would I have to [live] in Bangkok for seven years, work very hard and not have
enough to eat? Here, for two months a year, 15 minutes per day I can feed six people.

More clever people than me with a good job have to work for 30 years to have a house. But for me, who couldn’t  [even] finish a university, how could I have a house?

I started earthen building. So easy. I spent two hours per day; two days per week and in two months I had a house. And another friend who was the most clever in my class, he also spent 3 months to build his house. But he had to be in debt for 30 years. So, compared to him, I have 29 years and 3 months of free time.

Anybody can build [an earthen brick] house. It’s easy. If you don’t believe me, try it.

I feel free; I don’t worry much in my life. I feel like I’m a unique person on this earth. I don’t  have to make myself  [be] like anybody else.

This story originally appeared at: PositiveNews
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