Without Money from Europe to the US, Only Hitchhiking and Boat-hiking

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March 23rd, 2011


An 18,000 mile adventure to raise awareness for the environment and injustice in the world, from The Netherlands to the US without spending or accepting money

HOUSTON – Raphael Fellmer (27) from Berlin traveled from The Hague, Netherlands to Austin, US, without using or accepting money for 14 month thanks to more than 480 rides in cars, ships, sailing-boats and trucks. They hitchhiked through Europe, Morocco, crossed the Atlantic Ocean by sailboathiking to Brazil and from there they passed the three Guyanas where his girlfriend Nieves Palmer (26) from Spain joined the journey. They continued through Venezuela, Columbia and Central America to reach the international climate conference COP16 in Cancun Mexico. After 18 countries and more than 400 days of traveling, they reached the US on March 8, 2010. Their objective is to create consciousness for the nature and the global injustice of hunger, borders and exploitation of humans and Mother Earth. They want to show everything happening in the world is related to each other and each human being can do something about it in order to create a better world.

During their journey they slept in fire departments, hospitals, roofs, on the street, at friends’ places, with couchsurfers as well as with people who invited them into their homes. They eat what others throw away in bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets and hotels to raise awareness for the waste in society and the people who suffer from starvation. Nieves is vegetarian and Raphael vegan in order to reduce suffering of animals and to promote that changing to a more vegan diet is the single most effective way to combat climate change. The Worldwatch Institute reported the livestock industry is responsible for over 51% of all greenhouse gases.

On their trip they held speeches in schools and universities about their journey and how to apply the four “R’s” of: Reject, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. They further encourage more faith in humanity and in the good in every human being wherever they go. They believe humans need to love more and fear less; on their adventure where they met thousands of people they never experienced any aggression or violence. Raphael states: “We always looked for the bright sight in each person we encountered. We humans reap what we sew and if we smile into the world, the world will smile back to us. We call it the Journey of Humanity because it is only thanks to all these wonderful people who helped us with a ride, shelter or food that we could make it possible. We need to take better care of each other, by sharing love, happiness and good energy we are only creating more of it!”

Originally Mr. Fellmer embarked on the journey with Nicola Zolin (27) from Italy and Benjamin Lesage (26) from France. The three Europeans founded the Locomotive NGO to create a better world and the adventure started as a project of their organization. After five months traveling together and three weeks sailing over the Atlantic Ocean, Benjamin and Raphael decided to give up money forever. They started: where they share, in four languages, everything about their journey without money and how one can reduce his/her carbon footprint easily and effectively. The name stands in spirit of: A peaceful (R)evolution towards a world in harmony with the mother earth and all living beings.

Currently, Nieves is in her 14th week of pregnancy and she and her partner, Raphael, recently left Mexico City and hitchhiked all the way up to Austin, Texas. Here, they hope to find an airplane ride back to Europe to start their EcoFamily in Berlin. Benjamin remained in Mexico City where he started with the help of friends an ecohousing project (

For more information please contact them via email, they have no cell phone to call. For interviews, they are available on Skype or they would call you via Free Gmail calling.


Raphael Fellmer | | Skype: rfellmer | |

This story originally appeared at CSR Wire.

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4 Responses to “Without Money from Europe to the US, Only Hitchhiking and Boat-hiking”

  • Anne says:


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  • Ashley Boon says:

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  • Nice trip man!

    How are you actually planning on creating an eco-lifestyle in Berlin? Very challenging!

    Groetjes Gido!

  • Raphael says:

    Dear Gido, thanks for your comment! We are planning to do house sitting and or exchange in form of gardening, cleaning, recycling, helping out etc. in order to not pay rent. Further we will recycle food leftovers from organic and normal stores, grow our own in garden, windows, balconies and more. Use the bicycle and maybe the public transport to get around. Capture the rain water, use our puu and other biodegradable stuff to create our own gas for cooking. Continue to spread the word about a more ecological and holistic approach to live our life on our planet and to create a free economy with free shops and a circle where people can share whatever kind of talent, wisdom or profession e.g.: yoga, instruments, cooking, languages, permaculture, massage, therapy and much more …

    We actually believe it will not so hard, people love to share, to give and take without anything in return out of pure love and compassion for the world!

    Love and Light for you and on our website you can follow this adventure our EcoFamily! Yours Nieves and Raphael

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